decoration “coaching”

From the first meeting (2 hours) where you put forward and explain your problems (plans, paint, furniture, fittings, materials, colours, lighting, etc.) ma coach déco will help you to structure and explore your needs, giving you oral solutions that you can then adopt on your own.

rates 250,- CHF

decoration advice

After a first meeting (2 hours) where you put forward and explain your problems, ma coach déco will then come back to you with mood boards which will propose the complete look, paint, style, furniture, fittings and objects to create your ideal concept. This meeting will also include a written re-capulation of exactly what is needed and of course the budget for the work, depending on the size of the project.

rates from 250,- CHF

on-site help during construction/renovation

1) on site control of renovation and construction, with architect:

Whilst on site with your architect ma coach déco will accompany you in all the steps of the visualisation of your own style of interior. This will also entail visiting the various showrooms needed to build, construct and decorate each room- be it lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or study. These can include flooring, tiles, paint or wallpaper, sanitary and kitchen fittings- on to the soft furnishings, furniture, carpets, curtains, lighting and decor for your own personal touches, and to ensure the style is your own.

rates on request

2) on site without architect: ma coach déco can also propose, with a team of experienced workmen, the installation of kitchen and sanitary units, flooring, paint , woodwork etc. This service can also include personalised shopping for all articles needed.

rates on request

personalised shopping


100,- CHF / hour
280,- CHF / half day
500,- CHF / day


ma coach déco will take you to diverse professional textile showrooms, or bring you a selection of materials suited to your taste, to then draw up an estimated expense-budget for the making and hanging of curtains, blinds, bed covers and headboards, cushions, chairs and poufs.

according to estimate

home staging

Thinking of selling ? ma coach déco will help you to de-clutter and streamline your home so that future buyers can see it in a neutral decor. Renting a furnished flat ? ma coach déco can furnish and fit for rental purposes.

according to estimate

Please note – all prices quoted include ma coach déco’s travelling expenses and research, both in the stores/showrooms and on the Web.